BWRP International Fund Allocation Strategies: -

  • For betterment of poor/ as well as for every citizens of the world, the ’Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)’ has endorses an adequate amount of international funds which shall disburse to worldwide respective governments through setup of the ‘National/ State BWRP’ in the respective countries with completion of the obligatory legal procedures.

  • For any government, funds from the BWRP is neither LOAN nor GRANT but ALLOCATION to implement projects to develop residence programs for poor citizens of the respective countries.

  • Funds of the BWRP are available with priority for the Underdeveloped and Developing nations to promote residence program by means of comparing and maintaining a competitive international standard residence for every citizen under parasol of the United Nations.

  • To receive allocation funds from the BWRP, it is necessary for Head of the Government of a Country/ or any authorized bodies/ authority (NGO, Consultants, Etc.) endorsed by Head of the Government of the country to liaise, facilitates and coordinate with the BWRP authorities to setup ‘National/ State BWRP’ in the respective country.

  • All funds of the Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP) have international vocation after setup the ‘National/ State BWRP’ in a country.

  • The ‘National/ State BWRP’ shall consists of three (3) parties; i) Head of the Government of the country or his/her authorized representative/s, ii) BWRP System Office, iii) International Financial Committee Members.

  • The BWRP is keen to promote perpetual peace for global humanity by solving residence problem for the poor citizens at worldwide with a minimum standard of residence for everyone.

  • Upon completion of necessary setup for the National/ State, Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP), respective countries governments will become stakeholders of the BWRP.
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