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Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)
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FAQs/ Frequently Asked Questions: -
Q. What is the 'Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)'?

Answer: - The 'Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)’ is a non-business, non-racist, interest free - specialized international bank proposed for betterment of the world citizens, exclusively to solve residence problem for poor citizens / as well as for every citizens of the world with priority for the underdeveloped and developing nations.

Q. What kinds of residence program the BWRP wants to develop?

Answer: - The Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP) is to implement a ‘standard residence program’ (sustainable residence) to elevating poor community civil life value, with comparing & maintaining a competitive international value towards fostering a balance economic growth and development at all over the world.

Q. Is the funds from the BWRP will have any Debts or Liabilities to State/Government?

Answer: - No, funds form the Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP) does not have any burden neither to the State nor to the Government with any debts or liabilities!

Q. What are special benefits of the funds from the BWRP comparing to the others fund programs?

Answer: - Funds from the Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP) is neither loan nor grant but ALLOCATION to develop residence programs for poor citizens of the respective countries. The BWRP Funds are available with priority for the Underdeveloped and Developing nations.

Q. How the BWRP work?

Answer: - For every project, funding from the Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)  shall work in association with Government & Central Bank of the respective countries along with necessary registration and affiliation with respective authorities of the United Nations and to the World Bank.

Q. How the BWRP manage its system office operation expenses?

Answer: - The ‘BWRP System Office’ has its own source of revenues from its fixed assets. The assets are registered and trusted for the ‘BWRP System Office’ by Trusties of the BWRP (internationally).

Q. Who are the TRUSTIES of the BWRP?

Answer: - As per the charter of the BWRP; the name and address of all trusties preserves at the ‘BWRP System Office’ and can release conditionally for particular use only. Every individual/ organizations (business & non-business) are welcome to be a participant as a trusty at the BWRP. For further information please contact through the email:

Q. How the ‘National/ State, BWRP’ operation expenses will manage?

Answer: - It is necessary that trusty/ trusties will initiate a ‘National/State BWRP’ (National BWRP in a country) for betterment of civil interest of the country. The trusty/trusties shall come with Open Heart/Open Mind concepts; objective of the trusty/trusties must be; to achieve humankind not to achieve business gain.

Moreover, the ‘BWRP System Office’ will provide assistance to initiate a ‘National/State BWRP’. Further the ‘National/State BWRP’ has provisions to get 1% (one percent) of total disburse funds to use for operation expenses on implementation of projects under the ‘National/State BWRP’.

(The rate of percentage may change by respective authorities with necessary official formalities)

Q. What would be the benefits of contractor/ developer/ consultants to develop the BWRP projects?

Answer: - The contractor/developer may get margin of total maximum 20% as a development benefit of the project/s. And the consultant/s can get maximum 1% consultancy fees for liaise, facilitate and coordinate to implement project/s for betterment of civil interest of the respective country/countries.

(The rate of percentage/s may change by respective authorities with necessary official formalities)

Q. How to become a qualified contractor/developer/consultant to take award of the BWRP projects?

Answer: - Interested parties shall fulfill all terms and conditions of the respective jurisdictions together with ‘Legal Department’ of the ‘Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP). For further information please contact through the email:

Q. Is the ‘BWRP System Office’ will charge any percentage or financial benefits from disbursement of the funds under the ‘National/State BWRP’?

Answer: - No. The ‘BWRP System Office’ will not impose any charge or percentage to the ‘National/State BWRP’ nor to the respective government/state. Service from the ‘BWRP System Office’ is totally free of charges for betterment of poor citizens/as well as for every citizens of the world.

Q. Who are the stakeholders of the BWRP?

Answer: - (The obligatory international registrations are in under processes) With completion of the obligatory international registrations; System Office of the Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP) would work as an ‘International Supreme Treasury Authority’ to implement the BWRP projects. Governments of the respective member countries would be stakeholders of the BWRP.

Q. How to receive Project Funding from the BWRP?

Answer: - To receive funds from the BWRP, it is necessary for HEAD OF THE GOVERNMENT OF A COUNTRY or any authorized authorities/bodies (NGO, Consultants, Etc.) endorsed by the Head of the Government, to liaise facilitates and coordinate with the BWRP authorities to setup ‘National/State BWRP’ in the respective country.

To receive fund for a project primary steps are; the project owner (Govt./ NGO/ Private owners) shall write an LOI (Letter of Intent) to the ‘Legal Department’ of the BWRP (upon completion of the obligatory registrations Legal Department of the BWRP will disclose draft of the LOI on demand). Upon receiving the LOI along with credentials, the Legal Department will move with you for next necessary steps.

Your projects would be funded 100 % in advance but your project/s shall approved by respective government authority/authorities, and the government shall accept to receive BWRP Funds to implement the projects for civil interest of the country.

Q. What are the actual jobs of the National/State BWRP office?

Answer: - The National/State 'BWRP’ will take action as a platform in the country to implement the BWRP Projects. The 'National/ State BWRP' will monitor disbursement of the funds directly to implement the projects, shall liaise facilitate and coordinate with National & International competent Contractors/ Developers/ Consultants to develop the BWRP Projects, etc.

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