Necessity of the Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP): -

  • Whereas, it is necessary to promote residence program for poor citizens at worldwide to establish peace & harmony, to elevating the poor community civil life value with comparing and maintaining a competitive international value towards fostering growth and development for every citizens of the world!

  • Now, therefore in pursuance with realizing the necessity, the human rights in provision by the exercise enabling from the International Jurisdictions we hereby initiated the ‘Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)’ for betterment of the poor citizens/ as well as for every citizens of the world.

  • At the beginning of the 21 Century all governments are facing Crucial Financial Problem; but productions of luxurious car, condominiums, billion dollars budget for armed conflicts are increasingly developing. At the same time, millions of peoples are suffering for a minimum standard of residence crisis at worldwide.

  • The Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP); is to provide necessary funding to different governments, (priority for the Underdeveloped & Developing nations) for implement a ‘standard residence program’ (sustainable) to promote poor citizens at worldwide.

  • Shelter/ residence are a basic need of our life. Every authority of the world should realize the necessity of a standard residence not only for own family members but for every citizens of the world, more than over with priority for unprivileged/ poor citizens of the Underdeveloped & Developing nations.

  • To implement a standard residence program for every unprivileged/ poor citizen, funds form the ‘Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)’ will not burden neither to the State nor to the Government with any debts or liabilities.

  • The Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP) vision is; no one of the world will need to live without a home/residence (a residence owned by her/him self). There will be an own home/residence for every citizens of the world and the home/residences shall be enough equipped to live at-least a minimum standard of living.
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Bank of World Residence Program (BWRP)
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Necessity of the BWRP
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